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Introducing The Lowrey Prestige

Once a flagship organ in the Lowrey range the Prestige represents the very best that any home organ has to offer. The Prestige is a unique combination of high performance music making capability and easy play features. The carefully designed  cabinet is elegantly beautiful in rich cherry or deep oak. The technology of the Prestige has been crafted to ensure that the hobby player can play the organ with the press of just one button.

There are over 5700 presets in the Prestige that cover every possible musical style. To enhance your playing even further there are 216 fully orchestrated rhythm styles. Any Lowrey organ is famous for its mellow organ sound. This feature has been enhanced greatly with the creation of hundreds of new organ presets that produce the warm, gorgeous organ tone.

The Lowrey Prestige features the wonderful A Series technology from Lowrey. A USB memory stick and a built in CD recorder are some of the new features that promotes ease of use and compatibility. The unique stylings and features coupled with the incredible sounds available makes the Lowrey Prestige an organ that truly is a privilege to play and to own. Now available as a pre-owned instrument you can view current stock by selecting the pre-owned link above.