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Your Lowrey Organs

Your Lowrey journey begins with a purchase of a new or pre-owned instrument, and sometimes that can sound rather daunting. You will naturally have concerns that your new purchase may be too complicated for you to operate or that it may not be able to get the best from it. These are natural concerns however the Allens team is here to help.

On this page you will find special hints and tips for your Lowrey organ, and special bonus material for our Lowrey family. These are updated on a regular basis and will grow into a wealth of information to enhance your music.

Video Hints & Tips

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Spring 2017 Hints & Tips

Understanding Different Preset Types

The Lowrey range has a vast array of presets built in help us get great sounds at the touch of a button! Here are the different types as found in Lowrey models:

  • Power Up Preset
  • General Presets
  • Category Presets
  • Rhythm Presets (Style Setups)
  • Song Setup
  • Bank Presets (found on mid-high models)

The first two are found on virtually all Lowrey models. The Power Up sound is normally the sweet Lowrey organ tone, followed by up to 10 more General Presets. These cover sounds like Pipe Organ, Piano, Strings and Choirs.

Lowrey then organise the most popular sounds most associated with a partially genre of music into categories. These are the clear buttons found to the right of the preset buttons. Categories include Big Band, Theatre, Sacred etc. Further choices can be made by pressing More (Symphony, Prestige etc.). Each category now fills the preset buttons with great sounds. (N.B. Marquee, Inspire, Rialto etc. have the Select button, then choose the category on screen. Don’t forget to turn on the Category button to hear the sounds!)

When playing with a rhythm style we can use the Rhythm Preset (or Style Setup) button. This will set up a great sound to compliment the Waltz, Big Band, Swing, Country etc. style you’ve picked. It’s important to remember that the preset numbers then fill with more choices for your music.

Finally, with have Song Setup and, on mid-high model, the Bank Presets. The Song Setup offers a range of music titles each with a bespoke setup. Lowrey concert artists spend a great deal of time blending sounds to ensure the song title has a great sound to get going with, rather than just re-using something already made.

Banks A,B,C,D & E are where you can store your own presets – each bank offers up to 11 memory spaces. However, Lowrey fill these with great organ and orchestral tones from the factory to enjoy too. If you memorise over these, you can reset them easily!

If you have an A Series model, you’ll see the presets described on the screen and on touch screen models you can see all the preset choices and select on screen with your finger. Go to Feature and scroll & select Preset Information to see these.

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(composed by Lowrey owner Nev Sanderson)