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Your Lowrey Organ

Your Lowrey journey begins with a purchase of a new or pre-owned instrument, and sometimes that can sound rather daunting. You will naturally have concerns that your new purchase may be too complicated for you to operate or that it may not be able to get the best from it. These are natural concerns however the Allens team is here to help.

On this page you will find special hints and tips for your Lowrey organ, and special bonus material for our Lowrey family. These are updated on a regular basis and will grow into a wealth of information to enhance your music.

Video Hints & Tips

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Summer 2014 Hints & Tips

Graceful Gliding

Lowrey organs first pioneered the Glide (or pitch bending) feature on their organs with a popular Hawaiian Guitar tone. This added incredible realism to this instrument plus also adds to Saxophone, Trombone and Violin tones.

In order to create the right effect you need to use the Glide feature in the correct way and, of course, in the correct place in your music. Try this example for which you will need your black Lowrey songbook.

Open the page to the popular song Aloha Oe

Select the Hawaiian style and you should hear the Hawaiian Guitar on the upper keyboard – if not select this voice from the panel/Genius.

Play the song through and note where the long semibreve/whole notes are – these have a value of 4 beats.

To apply the Glide effect you need to kick and hold the left kick switch on the volume pedal. Play and HOLD your melody note straight after then let go of the kick switch.

You will immediately hear the effect. Do this on each long 4 beat note. It takes a little time to get used to the technique but it is well worth it!


Extra Tip: If your Lowrey model has a touch bar, use the Feature (clear) button to set this up. N.B. if you have two touch bars the right one does this by default.

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