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Your Lowrey Organ

Your Lowrey journey begins with a purchase of a new or pre-owned instrument, and sometimes that can sound rather daunting. You will naturally have concerns that your new purchase may be too complicated for you to operate or that it may not be able to get the best from it. These are natural concerns however the Allens team is here to help.

On this page you will find special hints and tips for your Lowrey organ, and special bonus material for our Lowrey family. These are updated on a regular basis and will grow into a wealth of information to enhance your music.

Video Hints & Tips

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March/April 2014 Hints & Tips

Successful Music Recording

Recording your music is great for sharing with fellow Lowrey model owners, friends & family perhaps via CD and to hear how your music hobby is progressing. Many people shy away from hearing themselves but it is one of the best ways to self-improve.

Let’s look at a review of successfully recording a piece of music on your Lowrey. Most Lowrey models record to USB, some older models to floppy disk and the smaller models such as the Odyssey, Encore etc record to internal memory.

Begin by setting your Lowrey up or loading your favourite presets. Once you are ready to play, press record in the Music Recorder (make sure your USB or disk is in!) and the organ will play a Metronome to represent the speed of the style. The lights in the Music Recorder will flash red.

At this point DO NOT start pressing buttons as the recording will begin resulting in a large silent gap. When you start playing the song the recording will start automatically and result in a nice, prompt start upon playback. When you have finished your piece press STOP and the lights will turn green. To hear your performance, back simply press PLAY.

Extra Tip: If you want to play a piece WITHOUT rhythm, go to the Feature button and scroll round until you see METRONOME. Select on the touch screen and then turn it off. This will mean you wont hear the ticking thus putting you off!

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(composed by Lowrey owner Nev Sanderson)