Bohm Silverbird 70AT

Short Description:
Bohm 76 note keyboard on wooden stand

Fun 76 note keyboard from Bohm. Features oak wood style stand and swell pedal. Böhm Silverbird – flexible top class organs – keyboards Are you looking for an organ – keyboard, a piano ensemble or just a sound module with high quality sounds and numerous features of a Böhm organ? Then you should definitely take a closer look at the Böhm Silverbird 70AT. All Böhm Silverbird models offer the full specification of a Böhm Overture, in a compact one manual keyboard. Thanks to AMADEUS sound technology, the crystal mixer pre amplifier/effect system and the optional ‘eds’ tonewheel module, the Silverbird models offer the same fabulous sound quality and fascinating features of the large Böhm organs. Böhm Silverbird 70AT(76 note touch sensitive keyboard, aftertouch, choice of an organ or a piano type keyboard with a hammer action) The Silverbird 70AT (76 note keyboard), has the same musical and technical features as the Silverbird 50AT with just a few additional keys for more playing freedom. Pianists will of course love the optional piano, hammer action keyboard available for this model. With this option, the Silverbird 70AT plays like a wonderful grand piano ! The playing features of the Böhm Silverbird models are way ahead of those offered by normal standard keyboards: per manual side (upper/lower) it is possible to play up to four different instruments, each of which can have its own user definable split and dynamic parameters as well as other playing features. If desired, it is even possible to further increase the number of splits and layers – an important feature for ‘live playing, reducing the necessity of frequent ‘preset changing’ While playing the Silverbird, you will be fascinated by its fantastic realistic sounds, generated by the newly developed AMADEUS sound system. With its 117 voice polyphony, numerous insert effects and warmth of sound, AMADEUS is an outstanding masterpiece among present digital sound generating systems. In between all of this, the nostalgic and modern organ sounds created by the integrated ‘eds’ drawbar system (has its own tone generating system), are a joy to the ears. Nine drawbar footages per manual side and two footages for the bass, as well as many of the well loved features such as keyclick, percussion, sustain, vibrato, chorus, rotor etc. are all included here. The drawbar sounds are set on the special display by use of the sound buttons that ‘double up’ as drawbars on the right side of the console. All sounds of your Böhm Silverbird are sent through the integrated crystal mixer with its effects, in crystal clear studio quality. Here you can make the best of the fantastic sound possibilities, from a wonderful solo instrument to a powerful orchestra, or from a solo stop to the full Tutti of a huge pipe organ. The sounds and presets of the ‘classic complete’ edition as well as further AMADEUS sound packs are also optionally available for the Silverbird range. The enormous variety of sound in your Silverbird is controllable at the touch of button. Our musicians have programmed and memorized hundreds of sound combinations in the form of global presets. Simply select the desired preset and you are on your way to enjoying the unbelievable ‘Silverbird sound’. The AMADEUS preset song list contains around 900 different presets, that have been especially adapted with suitable sounds and styles for well known pieces of music. Just choose a piece you know from the list and press enter – it’s as easy as that – you are now all ready to play the piece with the wonderful settings that our musicians have pre programmed for your pleasure. As far as automatic accompaniment is concerned, the AMADEUS accompaniment band, with its drum sounds in studio quality, has a pool of over 300 perfectly arranged styles to choose from. Additional styles can also be loaded and by using the optional ‘superdrive styleworker’, it is even possible to load and convert styles in Yamaha format directly in the instrument. If you require even more sounds: Böhm instruments are legendary and are well known for their comprehensive MIDI features. The Silverbird models are no exception to this rule: all models have 4 MIDI interfaces with their own In and Out connections. As well as this, the sound presets allow for the complete integration of extensive sound libraries of other MIDI instruments. This makes your Böhm Silverbird a commander of an extensive Midi system. The extensive master keyboard and MIDI routing functions of your Silverbird allow complete control of this system and combine it into a single instrument.

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