Bohm Sempra SE20 portable

Short Description:
Just arrived, immaculate condition. Rare model.



  • 2 manuals with 61 keys each, weighted with high-resolution qnamic touch dynamics and aftertouch, pedals with 17 or 25 keys, dynamic
  • Organ control through novel basic technology with HIGH PERFORMANCE REALTIME operating system, no Windows or Linux computer. Organ starts in less than 5 seconds. Lightning-fast reaction to all operating steps
  • Simple, clear operation
  • Nearly all functions can be accessed via the 9″ touch display with a wide viewing angle and lightning-fast, reliable response or via buttons and controls
  • 4 sounds/split zones per manual (more possible)
  • Additional parts for drawbars, MIDI out, solo chord
  • Many parameters for each sound can be clearly set: dynamic curves, split zones, polyphonic/monophonic playing, sustain yes/no, portamento, etc.
  • MULTI-SOLO-CHORD: Any manual part can be defined as a solo chord instrument and played with an individual solo chord type (14 types)
  • Sound management for over 16,000 sounds, complete integration of MIDI sound generators or VST plug-ins (e.g. Böhm Cloud Studio)
  • 3D-PRESETS: the innovative new global preset management. Up to 6 single presets and accompaniments can be stored as SONG, SONGs can be categorized in many different ways, can be summarized in ALBUM and THEMES. Integrated song player function
  • SONG list with ready-made presets for about 780 well-known songs pre-installed
  • Manual preset buttons for quick access to presets without taking your hands off the manuals
  • 12 sliders, 9 drawbars, all freely programmable
  • 1 x pitch and 2 x modulation wheels, freely programmable.


  • AMADEUS2 sound module with 1,500 sounds + 128 GM sounds; 25 drum kits
  • Sound library expandable with sound packages (e.g. sacral, movie sound, accordion, etc.)
  • 117-note polyphony, expandable to 234-note
  • Reverb and chorus part adjustable for each instrument
  • 4 DSP effect processors, optionally 6 DSPs with 2nd AMADEUS2 sound module
  • AMADEUS2 sound and effect editor (optional)

BOHM REAL ORGAN (series from SEMPRA SE20 home):

  • Ultra-realistic Tonewheel-Organ simulation by physical modeling, own, practically unlimited polyphony
  • 9 mechanical drawbars for upper manual. Lower manual and pedal can be adjusted at lightning speed via gesture control on the display.
  • All important organ functions (percussion, vibrato/chorus, rotor effect) directly accessible via control buttons
    Upper manual up to 12 footages, Lower manual up to 10 voices, Pedal: up to 6 voices
  • Attack and sustain, decay time percussion, rotor parameters etc. adjustable via display, all REAL ORGAN settings are stored directly in the Global Presets.
  • Up to 64 Presets (32 User, 32 Factory) can be stored per organ type
  • RealOrgan extension packages with further legendary organ types with authentic effects (phasing rotor, vibrat0, full percussion over all foot positions etc.) available


  • Studio-quality preamplifier/effects section
  • Wide range of mixing console functions, e.g. for adapting to the room acoustics
  • Stepless threshold assignment for drums, accompaniment, 0 dB input
  • 2 effect DSPs for reverb (128 programs) and chorus (fully editable), 11 effect presets storable


  • Inc. 4096 style slots, Factory Styles currently occupied with approx. 350 styles in 4 variations, up to 1024 User Styles can be loaded
  • Directly load/convert styles in Yamaha ® format
  • Comprehensive, easy to use style editor
  • Style patterns can be directly supplemented with additional notes via the recording function, or they can be played in completely new.
  • Existing patterns can be used as patterns for new patterns
  • Up to 4 intros/endings per style, 4x fill, fill up/down, break, ritardando
  • Sync Start/Stop, Tap Tempo
  • 8-track arranger with various accompaniment modes, controllable from any manual section or pedal
  • Arranger groups and individual drum instruments can be switched on and off directly
  • INTERACTIVE SONG PLAYBACKS: MIDI files can be easily edited, divided into sections via markers and assigned to the style pattern buttons. MIDI files can be controlled interactively as playbacks in the sequence, just like a style.


  • Extensive MIDI master keyboard functions: 8 x USB MIDI, 2 x MIDI OUT, 2 x MIDI IN, 2 x MIDI THRU, 1 x MIDI pedal IN.
  • USER ACCOUNTS: Each player can store his data in his own user account. User accounts can also be exported to a USB stick and can be played completely from the stick, e.g. when playing alternately on different SEMPRA models
  • USB PC keyboard can be connected for particularly convenient entry of names, etc.
  • Up to 4 foot pistons (optional)
  • Housing side parts and base frame in solid wood (wood tone as desired) or optionally also in various real woods or brilliant lacquer finish


  • Headphones
  • Microphone
  • MIDI IN 2x (16= 32 real channels)
  • MIDI pedal IN
  • MIDI OUT 2x (16= 32 real channels)
  • AUX IN Stereo
  • MAIN OUT Stereo
  • Speaker right/left
  • 3 x USB Organ
  • optional for existing Cloud Studio: 2xUSB, 1 x HDMI (for the PC module)
  • 2 x foot skirts with two foot switches each (all freely programmable)
  • 2 x 2 foot switches (thus 4 freely programmable foot switches can be connected)

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