Bohm Silverbird Expander

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Rare Bohm Expander, an entire organ in a box !
Böhm Silverbird Rack Are you looking for a sound module with high quality sounds and numerous features of a Böhm organ?  Then you should definitely take a closer look at the Böhm Silverbird rack. This Silverbird model offers the full specification of a Böhm Overture, in a rack version. Thanks to AMADEUS sound technology, the crystal mixer pre amplifier/effect system and the optional ‘eds’ tonewheel module, the Silverbird models offer the same fabulous sound quality and fascinating features of the large Böhm organs. If you already own an instrument with a keyboard, the Rack version gives you the full power of a Silverbird in a case, but without a keyboard. The Silverbird Rack is a full blown instrument with all the same features und musicality as the keyboard version. The playing features of the Böhm Silverbird models are way ahead of those offered by normal standard keyboards: per manual side (upper/lower) it is possible to play up to four different instruments, each of which can have its own user definable split and dynamic parameters as well as other playing features. If desired, it is even possible to further increase the number of splits and layers – an important feature for ‘live playing, reducing the necessity of frequent ‘preset changing’ While playing the Silverbird, you will be fascinated by its fantastic realistic sounds, generated by the newly developed AMADEUS sound system. With its 117 voice polyphony, numerous insert effects and warmth of sound, AMADEUS is an outstanding masterpiece among present digital sound generating systems. In between all of this, the nostalgic and modern organ sounds created by the integrated ‘eds’ drawbar system (has its own tone generating system), are a joy to the ears. Nine drawbar footages per manual side and two footages for the bass, as well as many of the well loved features such as keyclick, percussion, sustain, vibrato, chorus, rotor etc. are all included here. The drawbar sounds are set on the special display by use of the sound buttons that ‘double up’ as drawbars on the right side of the console. All sounds of your Böhm Silverbird are sent through the integrated crystal mixer with its effects, in crystal clear studio quality. Here you can make the best of the fantastic sound possibilities, from a wonderful solo instrument to a powerful orchestra, or from a solo stop to the full Tutti of a huge pipe organ. The sounds and presets of the ‘classic complete’ edition as well as further AMADEUS sound packs are also optionally available for the Silverbird range. Of course a pedal board belongs to an organ. As the Silverbird models are also organs, you can at any time connect (with the help of a suitable stand), either a 17, 25 or even 30 note Böhm Midi pedal board to your instrument. The enormous variety of sound in your Silverbird is controllable at the touch of button. Our musicians have programmed and memorized hundreds of sound combinations in the form of global presets. Simply select the desired preset and you are on your way to enjoying the unbelievable ‘Silverbird sound’. The AMADEUS preset song list contains around 900 different presets, that have been especially adapted with suitable sounds and styles for well known pieces of music. Just choose a piece you know from the list and press enter – it’s as easy as that - you are now all ready to play the piece with the wonderful settings that our musicians have pre programmed for your pleasure.As far as automatic accompaniment is concerned, the AMADEUS accompaniment band, with its drum sounds in studio quality, has a pool of over 300 perfectly arranged styles to choose from. Additional styles can also be loaded and by using the optional ‘superdrive styleworker’, it is even possible to load and convert styles in Yamaha format directly in the instrument. If you require even more sounds: Böhm instruments are legendary and are well known for their comprehensive MIDI features. The Silverbird models are no exception to this rule: all models have 4(!) MIDI interfaces with their own In and Out connections. As well as this, the sound presets allow for the complete integration of extensive sound libraries of other MIDI instruments. This makes your Böhm Silverbird a commander of an extensive Midi system. The extensive master keyboard and MIDI routing functions of your Silverbird allow complete control of this system and combine it into a single instrument. The SIlverbird models are available in high quality metal cabinets with side parts made of pure wood (many variations) – of course a high gloss white or black lacquer ‘stage version’ is also available as an option. We also offer different lower cabinet variations in pure wood, with or without loudspeakers.You will be enthralled by the sounds and features that these instruments have to offer! Specifications BÖHM SILVERBIRD RACK Cabinet -    Cabinet made of solid metal, side parts out of pure wood optional for Silverbird Rack-    Various high gloss lacquer finishes for cabinet and/or side parts available (white, piano black etc.) Keyboards-    Manual splits: user definable upper/lower split point – additionally up to 4 split zones for each half of the     manual (more if desired) –therefore up to 4 sounds can be layered per half of the manual (more if desired) –     playable parallel (in split zones) or together (layered).-    Silverbird Rack offers the same possibilities, even on non splitable MIDI keyboards, different MIDI In     variations depending on keyboard being used-    Further keyboards or MIDI pedal boards can be connected using the four MIDI-In interfaces,     making the Silverbird into a multi manual organ system     Pedals-    Optional 17- , 25- , or 30 note MIDI pedal boards available         -    1 part/instrument for the pedals as standard – further sounds/splits can be set if desired-    All sounds playable on the pedals Amadeus sound systems-    Standardspecification:  1  AMADEUS sound module with 117 polyhonic voices-    2  AMADEUS optionally available – 234 polyphonic voices-    Sound library with about 900 AMADEUS solo, orchestra, synthesizer and organ sounds-    ‘Art’ functions for authentic playable articulations and phrasing-    All samples in 48 kHz studio quality for ultimate sound authenticity-    2 insert effects per AMADEUS system for effects such as chorus, rotor, flanger, distortion, wah wah,     equaliser, echo, compressor etc.-    Sound library can be expanded at any time with additional AMADEUS sound packs (drum set pack – accordion     fascination, classic complete etc).-    All sounds comfortably selectable with sound group buttons and tables-    Multi sound editor AMADEUS optionally available: numerous possibilities for editing AMADEUS sounds as well     as creation of user sounds containing up to 4 sound elements. All AMADEUS effects are editable and can be     memorised as presets in the sound editor. ‘EDS’ drawbar system (optional)-    Physical modelling tone generation for an authentic tone wheel organ sound-    Footages for left/right half of the manual : 16’, 8’, 5 1/3’, 4’ 2 2/3’, 2’, 1 3/5’, 1 1/3’, 1’-    2  pedal footages: 16’, 8’-    Virtual drawbar system with display, upper, lower and pedal sound as well as envelope curves and overdrive     set with sound buttons-    Intensity and length of 4’, and 2 2/3’ percussion variable-    Variable sustain and overdrive-    Typical effects such as rotor, vibrato and chorus editable-    128 pre-programmed drawbar presets, emulating different types of organ. These can be changed and re     saved by the user-    Polyphony ‘eds’ drawbars: unlimited (91 virtual tone wheels) Sound presets-    128 x 128 = 16.384(!) freely definable sound presets (controllable sounds as well as sounds from external     midi sound modules that can completely be integrated into the users interface) Global presets-    2.048 global preset spaces for complete organ settings– approx. 500 factory pre –programmed-    4 one touch presets per style – assignment editable-    AMADEUS preset song list (optional) – approx. 900 perfectly arranged general settings for many well known     pieces of music (more possible). Can be numerically or alphabetically sorted into different music genres or     memorised as favourites in a separate list-    Preset coupler: determines the functions (styles, lower manual registrations, slider allocation etc...) to be     selected from the global presets – 4 different coupler configurations available. Button/Slider presets-    6 F buttons, all foot switches, swell pedals, pitch and modulation wheels, aftertouch and various drawbars     can be assigned with different functions-    10 button/slider presets can be memorised Global settings-    10 global settings for various system settings can be memorised Memory-    Battery buffered RAM memory-    MegaFlash with 32 MB flash Rom for the operating system, styles etc.-    Firmware updates for organ, sound systems etc. possible with floppy-    3,5” floppy disc system-    Compact flash card – mass storage system (CF card, PC compatible for back up’s) Display-    Large LCD display in German or English-    Clearly arranged and easily understandable menu management – all functions of the organ can practically be     accessed without the user’s manual AMADEUS accompaniment orchestra-    1.024 style spaces – over 300 are factory assigned-    4 variations per style – 4 one touch presets per style-    Intro, fill in, fill up/down, drum solo, ending in 4 variations-    All styles selectable with a button or from a list-    Integrated style worker: styles in YAMAHA format can be loaded and converted directly-    Accompaniment arranger with up to 32(!) tracks/8 instruments-    Accompaniment modes: one finger, normal, piano mode etc.-    Special ‘organist mode’ free bass selection using the pedals-    Styles can be modified (instrumentation), or re- programmed using the ‘easy arrangement –editor and 32     track sequencer (scores) -    All AMADEUS sounds can be used in the orchestral accompaniment – a second separate system (optional)     provides a further 117 polyphonic voices and 2 insert effects for accompaniment sounds-    Drums – more than 200 drum samples in studio quality, sorted into 128 drum kits-    User drum kits creatable, MIDI routing freely assignable for every instrument, up to 128 instruments per kit-    Drum sound editor for comprehensive editing of drum sounds Playing aids-    14 sliders with LED lights for volume settings etc.    -    14 types of ‘solo chord’, up to 4 selectable instruments for solo chord-    Manual bass, lowest bass-    Pitch and  2 modulation wheels (user programmable) – not for Silverbird Rack-    Up to 2 swell pedals, each with two footswitches and up to 4 additional foot switches connectable-    All foot switches/ swell pedals/wheels and sliders can be individually configurated (different functions, sound     samples etc). Sequencer-    Integrated 32 track sequencer-    Easy record for simple recording/playback of playing-    Track by track /step by step/real time recording (live playing)-    Sequences can be memorised either internally or on external drives (workspace or SMF format)-    Resolution: 1/1536 note-    All single events can directly be changed or corrected-    Numerous editing possibilities eg. List and event editor, quantising etc....-    Karaoke feature (lyrics displayed)-    Song player for compiling play lists etc.... MIDI-    4 x MIDI in and MIDI out, 2 x MIDI thru-    Unique and very versatile MIDI features, including complete integration and control of external MIDI     systems.-    Complete integration of connected MIDI tone generators (expander, PC with VST plug ins etc.), in the sound     library and global presets of the organ-    Complex MIDI routing - per part and user definable with the 128 x 128 sound presets-    Up to 16 controller settings are user definable and can be assigned to the parts-    MIDI controllers assignable to all sliders, swell pedals and wheels-    Integrated MIDI filter-    Input of hex dump information programmable on foot and function buttons Crystal mixer SE (pre amplifier/effects)-    Mixer and effect system in studio quality – signal to noise ratio comprehensively more than 100 dB for pure     clarity of sound-    Loudness function-    Super surround function for spatial sound-    Integrated studio limiter -    Numerous mixing desk features     on the display -    Treble, bass, reverb and panorama (left/right – front/rear) are separate for the different sound sections,     reverb, microphone input -0 dB input adjustable-    Microphone input and 0 dB input, each with their own mixer strip-    Separate main audio sum adjustment -    Mixer settings can be saved in 10 separate mixer presets    -    Effect – DSP 1: reverb with 128 programmes and different room simulations two reverb programmes directly     selectable per global preset-    Effect – DSP 2: high quality chorus/flanger/rotor effects, Böhm famous phasing rotor 78 simulation – chorus     and rotor effects editable-    Effect settings can be memorised in 32 separate effect presets (up to2 effect presets per global preset)     Connections-    Line - out  (stereo)-    0 dB input (stereo)-    Optional stereo amplifier with loudspeaker outputs (keyboard version only)-    Microphone input-    Headphone input-    2 x swell pedal-    2 x 2 foot switches-    4 x MIDI In/Out, 2 x MIDI thru Miscellaneous-    Metal music rest (optional in pure wood)    -    Matching stands and benches available    -    The instrument can be up dated at any time with hard/software to match technological     progress/development Dimensions-    Silverbird Rack: 44 x 19 x 44; approx. 12 kg

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