Viscount Cantorum 6 Plus

Short Description:
An improved version of the very successful Cantorum VI this now incorporates an improved sampled voice base, USB port to allow easy recordings and all voices to be played together from manual I. Stand and pedals included with this immaculate pre-owned instrument.

The stunning and remarkably priced Cantorum VI Plus is a new portable organ keyboard with 61 keys, programmable two manual and basspedal mode for real classic organ performances. The Cantorum VI Plus also comes with the latest state of the art technology, all at a great affordable price!

The interface is very simple to use. The renewed samples are stereo to perfectly simulate a real pipe configuration.

The sound quality of the Cantorum VI Plus is excellent thanks to the world acclaimed Viscount ARTEM Digital Sampling Technology. There is a ‘split’ function and four organ styles (Baroque – Barock – Romantic - Symphonic) with independent voice volume regulation. The instrument is enriched with internal song library and orchestral voices. The keyboard offers an unique touch feeling, that emulates the "Tracker Action", i.e. the keyboard sensation of real pipe organ.

  • 1 x 61 note tracker touch keyboard, velocity sensitive for midi voices
  • 21 tilt tab speaking stops
  • Adjustable split point for use as 2 manual instrument
  • 4 preset organ styles (Baroque 1 and 2, Romantic and Symphonic)
  • 4 alternative temperaments
  • Additional orchestral voices including Piano – Strings 1 – Strings 2 – Choir 1 – Choir 2 – Harpsichord – Harp – Celesta – Chimes
  • Width 97.5cm
  • Height 13cm
  • Depth 36cm – (38.38″ x 5.11″ x 14.17″)
  • Weight 15Kg

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