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Sonic OAX800
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Sonic OAX 700
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Sonic OAX500
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Sonic OAX 1 Deluxe
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Sonic OAX 1
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Welcome To The World Of Wersi Home Organs

Building on the success of the past 13 years with the OAS range, WERSI has created a new concept full of innovation and musical highlights! WERSI is a world leader in Sound Design and software development. Through the use of the latest technology and the results of years of research and development, the Sonic is the pinnacle of instrument design and playability!

New Musical Innovations and highlights include: - Multi Touch Display (High End - Think iPad! - flick through pages with a quick gesture of your hand!) - New Multi-Layer Dynamic Longwave Samples - (Recorded with the highest quality Neumann Studio Microhpones!) - Easy Play Mode & Expert Mode! - New Style Library exclusive to Sonic! - New Audio Styles! (Expanding on the Realdrum concept with higher quality audio, new expertly developed tempo variaiton control, and professional mastering by high end studio engineers in Cologne, Germany!) - Quadcore Processor & latest PC Technology - Unlimited Polyphony! - Huge Internal RAM memory for speedy performance! - VST 3 Studio Instrument (from third party developers) fully integrated! - Help Function - (Demos for all functions of the Sonic - no more reading long and lengthy User manuals!, although one is included as standard!) - Intelligent Sonic Memory (The Sonic remembers your favourite sounds and presents them to you at the top of any lists that you desire and makes Sound / Accompaniment selection easier than ever before!)

In addition to the new multi touch display in contemporary modern DVD 16:9 format, a highly optimized audio system in studio quality and the most powerful currently available PC system as well as a completely renewed software (New OAS) structure with VST 3.0 integration... the way forward for even more new and future possibilities is now standard once again! 

New Wersi Sonic OAX 1000 Pergamon

Featured Highlights:

Complete OAX operating system ...
New Wersi Sonic OAX 800

Featured Highlights:

2 X 76 Note Keyboards
25 note ...

New Wersi Sonic OAX 700 / 700LS

The OAX700 features no internal amplification - Vocalis ...

New Wersi Sonic OAX 600 / 600LS

The OAX600 features no internal amplification - Vocalis ...

New Wersi Sonic OAX500

Featured Highlights:

2 X 61 Note Manuals
17 Note Pedalboard

New Wersi OAX1 Keyboard

Featured Highlights:

76 Note Keyboard
11.6 Full Color Touch ...

New Wersi OAX1 Lower Keyboard

The Wersi add-on manual turns your OAX1 keyboard into a ...

New Wersi TS9000 Speaker

The TS9000 offers room-filling, warm, rich hi-fi sound and ...

New Wersi Sonic OAX 900

The new design Wersi Sonic OAX900 is a new model in the ...

New Wersi OAX1 Deluxe System

The Wersi Sonic OAX1 Deluxe system transforms the OAX1 ...

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