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Bohm Sempra SE60

A rare Bohm Sempra SE60 three manual Bohm


Bohm Sinfonia 500

Bohm Sinfonia 500 home organ


Hammond SK1 Stage Keyboard

Excellent 73 note stage Hammond.


Hammond SKX Stage Keyboard

Excellent Hammond Stage Keyboard


Lowrey Aria

A rare Lowrey Aria home organ

Lowrey Aria Pro (black)

Limited edition black cabinet flagship model

Lowrey Aria Pro (oak)

Rare pre-owned flagship Lowrey

Lowrey Encore

Superb compact A Series model


Lowrey EZ1

Awesome single keyboard Lowrey organ


Lowrey EZ10

Excellent compact Lowrey model


Lowrey Fanfare

An amazing Lowrey organ which is very compact yet has a big ...

Lowrey Grand Marquee

Rare pre-owned Lowrey Grand Marquee

Lowrey Holiday Classic (oak)

Compact & superb sounding A Series model in spanish oak


Lowrey Imperial

Amazing flagship organ with full pedal board

Lowrey Imperial (oak)

Limited edition A series model with full pedal board

Lowrey Inspire

The stunning Lowrey Inspire in Mahogany

Lowrey Journey

Compact Lowrey E Series model bursting with features!

Lowrey Liberty (oak)

Stunning heartland oak Liberty

Lowrey Odyssey

Excellent Lowrey in a small cabinet

Lowrey Premier

Nicely sized Lowrey in walnut cabinet

Lowrey Prestige Plus

Flagship of the A Series!


Lowrey Sensation Special Edition

A UK only Lowrey and one of our most popular pre-owned ...


Lowrey Sensation Special Edition

A UK only Lowrey and one of our most popular pre-owned ...


Lowrey Symphony Showcase

Stunning special edition Symphony model

Orla Grand Theatre

Excellent home organ in walnut cabinet.


Orla Grand Theatre Jubilee

Special Anniversary model with USB


Orla Modena (black)

Very high spec compact Orla with USB


Ringway A2000

Top model, rare pre-owned


Ringway Maestro

Pre-owned stunning example of the flagship Ringway


Ringway RS1000EU

Top of the range Orla Ringway RS1000


Ringway RS760

Latest compact Ringway, pre-owned


Ringway RS800

Preowned RS800 in great condition


Roland Atelier AT800 AT/EX

Top Roland Atelier upgraded to Platinum specification


Wersi Sonic OAX 600

Stunning OAX600 in white


Wersi Sonic OAX 800

Very rare pre-owned Wersi OAX800 in metallic black finish


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