Vertical Presets Expansion Pack

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Introducing a new style of preset pack for your Lowrey Elite Series organ.


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A stunning new software pack for Lowrey organs featuring a new concept of ‘Vertical Presets’.

Compatible with the following Lowrey models:

A Series: Prestige, Prestige Plus, Imperial, Sterling Edition, Symphony, Patriot, Symphony Showcase and Liberty

E Series: Inspire, Rialto, Marquee, Grand Marquee, Aria and Aria Pro

Allens Music Centre is proud to introduce a new style of preset pack for your Lowrey Elite Series organ.
In each bank of 50 sounds you will find 5 levels of ensemble.
Bank A Contains the most basic sound, for example a solo voice
Bank B Builds on the first voice by adding either a duet or a complimentary instrument.
Bank C Moves into a trio with three voices playing
Bank D Builds further and creates a quartet or ensemble of voices
Bank E Is the fullest registration with a large ensemble
The beauty of having these five levels is that you can start a song at the lowest level and them move through the banks to build the sound. In this way we are moving vertically through the presets, starting at a preset number from 1 to 10 and then choosing the level of ensemble with the bank buttons. You can either move vertically up and down the banks to build your sound or horizontally across the number presets to change sound but not the level of ensemble. 

For example start the song on A1, move onto B1, then C1 ( I call this moving vertically ) but then you could move across to C6 ( moving horizontally ) up to D6, then E6 to finish.
This possibilities are endless!

To order your pack please get in touch with us via the Contact Page. Payment can be made by card, cheque (made payable to ‘Allens Music Centre’) or via PayPal.

Prices (GBP) are:

  • UK – £99 inc postage & packing
  • Europe – £99 plus £4.95 shipping
  • Rest of World – £99 plus £7.95 shipping


Orchestral Presets (50 settings)

  • Modern Sax
  • Orchestral Flute
  • Smooth Violin
  • Romantic Clarinet
  • Mellow Trumpet
  • Concert Grand
  • Piano and Strings
  • String Ensemble
  • Choir Aah
  • Choir Ooh


Organ Presets (55 presets)

  • Theatre Organ Soft
  • Theatre Organ Novelty
  • Theatre Organ Full
  • Lowrey Organ 1
  • Lowrey Organ 2
  • Jazz Organ 1
  • Jazz Organ 2
  • Latin Organ 1
  • Latin Organ 2
  • Church Organ
  • Cathedral Organ
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