The Hobby Organist

The Hobby Organist

For many years the team at Allens Music Centre has been inundated with requests for tuition and help with the playing and operation of home organs.
Trevor Flunder and Tom Horton have many years experience in the organ world, especially with Lowrey organs, and we have finally found a way to share this knowledge with the rest of the global home organ family.
To do this we have launched a special video channel called ‘The Hobby Organist’.
This channel contains hundreds of hours of tuition on the playing and operation of Lowrey, Wersi and Ringway home organs and will be updated on a weekly basis with additional videos. We also feature hints and tips on playing styles and music theory.

Download Free Sheet Music

Below you can download and print (PDF) some of our popular melodies from our Lowrey DVD videos

Click the image below to access this service:

The subscription cost is only £14.95 (ex.VAT) a month which is less than the cost of a single music lesson.

You can subscribe monthly or for a year for which a discount is offered. Once your payment is processed you normally have instant access to the content which can be viewed on any home PC or Mac or via your smart phone/tablet – with the latter you can download the Patreon app.

Subscribers not only will have access all the exclusive content, which we not be available anywhere else! This is an amazing opportunity for finally learn all there is to know about your home organ and explore your full potential as a hobby organist.

Any ideas and suggestions for features and instruments you would like covered would be very welcome – please email them to

Please join our global home organ family and let’s make music!