Wersi Sonic - the organ; redefined

Sonic OAX is the amazing software that powers your new Wersi instrument and your musical creativity.

Controlled by a remarkably easy to use multi-touch colour display (plus well -loved traditional physical controls) you can combine voices, edit effects and more!

Sit down at your Wersi Sonic and play traditional organ tones with LIVE drawbars, through to classical pipe, theatre pipe tones and more. Orchestral tones are dazzlingly detailed whilst a huge range of  styles, including new Audio styles are ready to accompanying you.

Ease of play comes from a huge library of built in presets, plus you can easily add new voices, presets and functions with Wersi activations, all housed in stunning contemporary cabinet designs.

You can also enjoy regular FREE Sonic OAX system updates which keep your instrument right up to date.

Your Wersi - Your Way

All new Wersi OAX Sonic organs are built bespoke, why not choose a custom colour? Virtually any colour can be matched and popular finishes already produced include Red, Burgundy and Green! Traditional wood veneer cabinets are also available on some Sonic models.

Scroll further to explore Wersi Sonic OAX and get to know your new musical partner in waiting.