New Wersi Sonic OAX 700 / 700LS

Short Description:

WERSI moves the bar of what is technically possible within a hardware instrument to previously unknown heights! The new Sonic brings a new OpenArt-System generation to the world!

The Sonic OAX700 is available with internal speakers or without


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The OAX700 features no internal amplification – Vocalis speakers required

The OAX700LS features built in speakers

Featured Highlights:

61 Note Upper Manual 76 Note Lower Manual 25 note Pedalboard 13.4” Full Color Touch Screen Velocity Sensitive, Weighted with Aftertouch Multi-Split Mode/Both Keyboards Realtime Drawbar System 9 Upper/ 7 Lower 16 Sound Layers Per Keyboard Over 1500 Factory Long Wave Sounds Available Over 500 Styles /150 Audio Styles Assignable Effects Buttons 4 Channel Surround Sound System (700LS Only) M.2 SSD Hard Drive, powerful CPU, fast 32Gb RAM, Windows 11 64-bit Special Lower Chassis Bass System Full MIDI Compliment Audio/MIDI Recorder/MP3 Save CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Writable Drive 4 USB Ports on Front Assignable Toe Pistons 10 Assignable Total Preset Buttons Between Keyboards Easy Play/ Pro Play Modes Advanced Internal Mixer Sheet Music On Screen Many More Features Not Listed…

Download Wersi brochure (PDF)

Cabinet Colours:

  • Black
  • White
  • Wood Veneer finish (Walnut, Rosewood or Mahogany) – please call for details/costs
  • Custom cabinet finishes are possible i.e. Metallic Brown / Red – please call for details/costs
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New Wersi Sonic OAX 700 / 700LS