New Orla Grand 120

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Awesome baby grand style digital piano in Black, White or Red


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Something different for the music room is an Orla digital baby grand piano.

Offering the ‘flavour’ of a grand piano but much more compact, Orla combine digital sounds to bring you a great piano experience!

Available in Polyester Ebony, Polyester White or Polyester Red cabinet finishes.

Finish: Black, White or Red

Sound Source: High Resolution Sampled Sounds

Keyboard: 88 Graded Hammer Action – FATARTP40 GH Keyboard

Display:2 Lines Back Lit Display

Polyphony: 128 Notes Max

Demo: 20 Demo Songs

Sound Select: GRAND PIANO button, 10 Sound Groups: Piano, Organ, Guitar&Bass, Strings&Vocals, Brass & Woodwinds, Synth & Keys, Accordions, World, Drum & Percussions, Favourites.

Main Sound Section: 362 sounds, 10 Drum Kit,Reverb, Chorus, Octave, Volume

Dula Sound Section: 362 sounds, 10 Drum Kit,Reverb, Chorus, Octave, Volume

Left Sound Section: 362 sounds, 10 Drum Kit,Reverb, Chorus, Octave, Volume

Data Controls: Master Volume, Bass/TrebleControl, Data Buttons and Data Wheel, PIANIST,Transpose/Pitch, Touch Control, Reverb, Chorus,Memory Bank, Layer, Left, Function, Enter

Memory Banks: 54 User Programs – 6 Banks of 9programs

Pedals: 3 Pedals: Soft – Sostenuto – Sustain (with Half Pedal)

Style Select: 11 Style Group: Pop&Rock, Country,Standards, Latin 1, Latin 2, Jazz&Blues, Ballads,Ballroom, Dance, World, Favourites.

Rhythm Orchestra: 350 Styles – 2 Variations,Auto Accomp On/Off, Auto Set Up, Tap Tempo,Intro/Ending, Fill 1/2, Sinchro & Key Start, Start/Stop, Metronome, Drum Volume, Auto Accomp.Volume, Full Keyboard.

Auto Set-up: 350 Auto Set Up Registrations

USB Recorder: Easy Recording Track 1 &Track 2, Multi Recording

Bluetooth: Option for Bluetooth Audio connection

Effects: Reverb: 8 Types, Chorus: 8 Types

Tuning: Transpose, Pitch

Dynamic: On/Off, 3 selectable curves (FixedTouch programmable)

Midi: Midi Out: 16 canali, USB Midi In, Local Midi

Connections: USB disk connection for data storageand play back, USB to Computer (Audio/Midi),Midi Out connector, Stereo Output, Stereo Input,Input Level Control

Headphone: 2 Headphone Socket

Amplifier: Stereo Amplification. Speakers 2 x 30W – 2 Woofer, 2 Tweeters

Size & Weight: 143 x 73 x 90cm – Kg.70

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