World of Organs

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50 brand new Total Presets for Sonic OAX models


We Offer: Part Exchange • Warranty • Free UK Mainland Delivery

An exciting collection of new, hand crafted presets by UK professional organist Tom Horton.

Comprising of 50 settings over five catergories, these presets offer a huge range of tones from the Organ world.

*** This activation is available upon updating your Wersi Sonic instrument to OAX v2.86 or higher*** – visit for details & downloads

How To Order

Simply phone us at Allens Music Centre on +44 (0)1493 842887 or +44 (0)1493 850172

You can also email your order via

Payment can be made via Debit or Credit Card with your phone order – we can also accept PayPal payments.

You will need to email (or send a photo) across of your Wersi Instrument ID Number in order for us to generate your World of Organs activation code. This is located in the Settings menu under Activations.

Soft Theatre Organ

 Full Theatre Organ


 Smooth Organ Flutes

Pipe Organ 

Soft Tibia
Tibia 16′ & 4
Tibia, Trumpet and Diapson 8
Ethereal Strings and Voxes
Tibia, Strings and Vox
Tibia Ensemble
Tibia and Glockenspiel
Phantom Piano
Full Ensemble 1
Full Ensemble 2
Reg’s Organ
Theatre March
Ballroom Waltz
On The Front
Novelty Theatre
Magical Theatre
Legato Theatre Organ
Straight Ranks
Full Theatre Ensemble
Finale Theatre Organ
 Bottom 3
Bright n Light
Deep Hollow
Drawbar Clarinet
Mellow Evens
Miss One Out
Full Mellow Ensemble
Full Evens
Full Bright Ensemble
 Flutes 16 & 4
Flutes 16, 8 & 4
Flutes 16, 8 ,4 & 2
Flutes 16, 8, 4, 2 & 1
Flutes Deep and Mellow
Flutes Odds and Brights
Flute 16, 8 & 4 plus Str 8
Flute 16, 8 & 4 plus Str 16 & 8
Flutes and Vibes
Flutes Full Ensemble
Soft Wood Flutes
Diapasons 8 & 4
Brighter 8, 4, & 2
Medium Ensemble
Full Ensemble
Soft Choir and Organ
A Trumpet Voluntary
Organ Concerto
Full Organ and Choir
Catherdral Organ a la Widor
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